AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System)

AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System)

AMSH is specified in a set of standards to provide high functionality messaging for a wide range of messaging applications.

The ITU-T TX.400 recommendations and ISO/IEC 10021 define modern general purpose messaging system for the support of the wide range of store and forward communications applications.


*Flexibility. The architecture of MTA X.400, its management tools, and directory based configuration combine to give a very high degree of customer flexibility.
* High robustness, including support of failover clustering.
* Standards conformance. Full features and conformant X.400 protocol implementation :
    - X.400 P1 for transfer to other MTAs.
    - X.400 P3 for connection to message stores and Users Agents.
* Excellent scheduling and operational characteristics. The queue manager (QMGR) and channel architecture described below enables a sophisticated scheduling approach, which combine with the Messages Switch’s queue structure  lead to a product which work exceedingly well in demanding operational environments.
* Directory based configuration MTA X.400 uses and LDAP/X.500 directory, accessed other by X.500 DAP or high performance CLDAP, for its preferred configuration mechanism.
* Powerful management GUIs, including configuration, monitoring, operational control, log viewing and messages tracking.
* Management features. The product has wide range of management features, including configuration, SNMP monitoring, distribution list, content conversion and address mapping control.
* Address Mapping. There are sophisticated features to enable transformation of mail addresses. This mapping is particularly useful when dealing with disparate systems which need to be integrated  into a coherent enterprise wide system.
* Security. There are variety of security features, including X.400 security mechanisms, an audit database and general purpose message authorization control.



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