Elsa Radar/ADS-B display

Elsa Radar/ADS-B display

Elsa radar/ADS-B display is an application software for visualizing ADS-B / radar data. Data that is transmitted by multicast over a LAN (network) containing aircraft position, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and aircraft-ID will be received and processed by the application so that the data is displayed visually and in real-time.

The Elsa radar / ADS-B display is also connected to the flight plan information database so that it can display flight data information based on the aircraft-ID . Also equipped with aviation charting data throughout Indonesia along with offline background maps.

Application Features

  • Support asterix cat 21 ADS-B data.
  • Support asterix cat 34, 48 radar data (optional)
  • Real-time data update.
  • Track symbol and label.
  • Historical positions.
  • Leader line and Track angle vector.
  • Ground level display.
  • INDONESIA Data Aviation charting (eg: Way point, Reporting point, Air space, Navaids, Landing aids, Navigation warning, ATS Route, STAR SID, Overlays, etc.)
  • Flight plan information (connect to Flight Plan Database)
  • Offline Base Map
  • Ability to receive two or more multicast group.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out map.

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