elsa master clock

Timing is needed for everyone, especially for those who require the same timing system in several different places at once; Such as aerospace and defense airport, public transports, financial services, hospitals, etc.


Has specifications

*) ES-185A GPS uses UTC time which receives data from the NAVSTAR satellites. Therefore, the ES-185A will always be equal to UTC . Accuracy of 0.1s per 24 hours is when the free running condition without the GPS . Therefore, the ES-185A has self setting

Display a time using the 6 digit 7 segment. This display can be set as needed to show the timing of the UTC-11 to UTC+12 . This can be done easily by changing the configuration DIP switches; adjust to the desired UTC listed in the table and do change DIP switches according to the data in the table .

Synchronization with GPS will be made every 30 minute and 10 seconds (when the master clock is receive the GPS data, the GPS lock indicator at Master Clock will be turn on). Then sync the results of this will be put into the internal RTC (Real Time Clock), so if the GPS dies, the timing will remain the same (with a note timing is not set back manually). At the time of the GPS installed and GPS lock indicator is lit, the button settings for the timing will be automatically disabled, so that changes can only occur by the time the GPS data.

ELSA Master clock ES-185A has output 1 PPS ( Pulse Per Second ) can be used to synchronize for attendance machine. In addition, there is also the RS485 output to synchronize ELSA Slave Clock and ELSA PC Sync. If the required distance between the ES-185A with ELSA Slave Clock / RTC PC Sync > 1.2 km, it can be added ELSA Line Amplifier LA-101 between ELSA Master Clock and Slave Clock / PC Sync.


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