elsa rtc pc syncELSA RTC PC Sync is a slave clock software that is embedded/installed on a PC/computer with Windows operating system. So the timing of the computer system will be synchronized with the UTC timing of the NAVSTAR satellites. This can be obtained by connecting a PC that has been available software ELSA RTC PC Sync with ELSA Master Clock ES - 185A.

Here is a picture of the block diagram for this system run.



RTC PC Sync block diagram


Data timing (UTC) will be accepted by the Master Clock ES-185A. From the Master Clock, the subsequent data is sent to the ELSA Slave Clock/RTC PC Sync, and if necessary can be added ELSA Line Amplifier LA-101 to amplify/as a repeater so that the distance data cable can be even longer.


This software has the following specifications:

  • There are 3 options for setting when the time synchronization and can be set manually
  • There are 2 analog clock: UTC and also the Windows System time
  • Compatible with the ELSA Master Clock ES-185A


Terms of occurrence of synchronization are:

  • If any the Time Sync button enabled (the button turns orange)
  • Data timing of the master clock (UTC time) = time that has been set in the Time Sync enabled

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